Monday, January 4, 2016

Be Resolute, Don't Make Resolutions

Resolute - admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something.

First and foremost, I'd like to wish all my readers (do I have readers anymore? It's been awhile since I've been able to post since I was sans wifi - technically I still am without it at my apartment, but hey, what are lunch breaks for if not for writing?) a happy new year.  It's frightening to think that we're only four short years from 2020. 

I have long since abandoned the idea of making a 'New Years Resolution' because inevitably by May I've completely forgotten about it and then when the new year rolls around again I'm disappointed in myself.  I've decided that I won't be making any new years resolutions for 2016, instead I am going to make life changes in my 23rd year, or is it my 24th year since for the first year of like you're not really a year old but you're in the first year of life.  I'm rambling, let me get back on topic. 

Here are 13 things that I'm going to be doing in my 23rd (24th?) year on earth.  These changes have been thought out, these things I am not changing are things I admire about my life, and they are not changed because it's a new year, but because Blink 182 tells me that no one likes you when you're 23 and I figure that as long as I like myself that doesn't matter. 

13 things for 23
I'm putting all this out on the internet because if I do, there's a much better chance of me holding myself accountable. 

1. Join a gym 
2. Actually go to said gym because I'm paying real money for that membership and I'll be damned if I waste any money on my current income.
3. Drink less beer (and vodka, and wine and really any alcoholic beverages) 
4. Drink more water.  There's this great app called Plant Nanny that my personal Yoda, Dana, told me about and it's great for keeping me on task with drinking water. 
5. Put down my mother-bleeping phone and look around. I mean it this time, I've been trying, really trying.
6. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  This means being asleep midnight on weeknights Burry.
7. Don't beat myself up when I slip up.
8. LET GO. The past is passed and it's about damn time that I start leaving it there. 
9. When opportunities present themselves, take them, don't just sit in my super comfy bed and let things pass me by.
10. Fight for what I believe in, not that I don't do this now, but I just want to keep it up since that seems to be one of the few things that has remained constant in my life.  
11. Read more. The lack of wifi has really pushed that on me, but I'm so glad since somehow I forgot how much I love reading.  That should never be forgotten.  Reading is the best. You heard it here first folks, reading rocks. 
12.  When I'm mad take ten seconds and breathe before responding, let it settle, really listen to what was said before responding.  Remember that sometimes responding isn't necessary. 
13. Keep it up.  I have truly fallen in love with myself in the last year and I want that to keep happening, I want to keep loving myself the way I did when I was 22. 

So there it is.  I won't call that a list of resolutions, even if that's what it might seem like.  That's a list of things that I am holding myself accountable to.  I'm going to make 23 my best year, even if no one likes you when you're 23. 

Here's the thing, being 23 makes me feel like an official adult.  My roommate and I had a talk about what makes people not like you when you're 23 and we came up with a pretty decent theory.  

When you're 22 you're still a kid in your own eyes, in the eyes of most of your peers and in the eyes of adults.  You're probably just finishing up college and starting out on your own.  You still have that safety net of adolescence.  22 tastes like freedom, but you know that it's not really that yet.  It's a weekend at home with home cooked meals and a weekend away with too much alcohol and fun. 

When you're 23 you're probably out in the real world, or trying to be, you've moved out on your own, you're responsible for your own well being for the first time ever since there's no dining hall or dad to make your meals.  23 tastes like pinching penny's and wishing you hadn't spent ten dollars on drinks while you were in college. 23 is the first cold gust of reality, of life without that comfortable safety net.  It's also the cold gust of wind that chills you to the bone and you know you won't be warm again for awhile since you can't afford to turn the heat up over 61.

So here's why no one likes you when you're 23:  All the kids (I'm talking 22 and under here for the most part) don't see you as one of them anymore, you're an adult in the real world doing real world things and you're not a part of their club anymore.  All the adults (Let's say 25 and up here) don't think of you as one of them yet, you're still a kid in their eyes even though to the kids you're an adult.  No one likes you when you're 23 because you're in the no man's land between adolescence and adulthood, no one knows where to place you so they just discount you.

Well, I feel like I just spewed so much at you, so I'll leave it here for today.  Hopefully I'll have wifi again by next week and I can post regularly again (okay, so it was never regular) So maybe just more frequently.

Happy New Year, make it a good one.

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