Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Red Cups Are Coming

The red cups are coming! The red cups are coming!

Let's talk about the red cups at Starbucks and the rather extreme response that some Christians are having to the holiday cups that the coffee chain released on November 1st of this year, like they do every year.

For reference I'm putting this year's cup and last year's cup in this post.   The 2014 cup is on the right and features stars or snowflakes, which, to be clear, are winter themed items and not Christmas themed.

But this didn't stop a group of Christian's from going up in arms about the store becoming 'anti Christmas'

I'm not going to get into the 'movement' but I'm going to break down how absurd they are in their quest because 1.) Starbucks still offers plenty of Christmas items in the store, including a Christmas blend coffee and 2.) it's a fucking cup, it's red and green, how the hell are they offended.

So as a way to 'get back at' Starbucks Christians are being encouraged to go to Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee and tell them their name is "Merry Christmas."

Okay, what?

You want to prove a point by giving the company  that you're upset with MORE MONEY? That's the opposite of what they should be doing if they want to prove a point.  They should be actively going to Starbucks competition, not going there and spending money.  Like, wow, you really got them, you spent $5.95 on your peppermint mocha latte and they wrote Merry Christmas on the cup.

Starbucks employees don't care what they're writing on your cup and Starbucks home office is employees are probably sitting there looking at the tag #MerryChristmasStarbucks and cackling because they're getting a ton of free press that is encouraging people to go into their stores.

I also want to touch on a the video that was posted that started this whole thing.  The link to this video is here.  I'm laughing out loud right now because at no point in their holiday cup history has Starbucks featured religious symbols on their cups, they have featured things like ornaments, evergreen trees, snowflakes, snowmen and stars.  These aren't religious symbols, they are commercialized things that we view as Christmas-y.

This guy is so offended because they took away the Christmas from the cup, he even says something about taking the 'Christ' out of Christmas and I'm sorry, but that's too funny because Starbucks didn't do that, he did by buying into the commercial view of Christmas.  A cup isn't what Christmas is about and just because the cup is minimalist and only red doesn't mean you should freak out, it's just a cup.

Honestly, I'm more upset that it's only Novemeber and places are already playing Christmas music and the red cups are already out.  We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, can we just take this one holiday at a time and maybe stop commercializing religious events? I'd be cool if I could just go buy my overpriced coffee in a plain red cup and not have to deal with the extreme views of 'scorned' Christians. You guys have it pretty good, you have entire sections of stores for you right now, how do you think that Jewish kid feels when he sees he only has the cap of an aisle in Target?  That Muslim girl who is getting shit for wearing her headdress doesn't have anything in the store, you can deal with the plain red cup.

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