Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I'm a huge advocate of collecting moments, not things, but with that being said I have a few trinkets that are around my office.  I mention these trinkets because the word of the day today is bibelot, which is defined as a small, decorative ornament or trinket.  These trinkets make my office feel more like home, which is nice because I'm here 40 hours a week.

These things that I've collected all have meaning, they represent a moment to me so I think that though they are still things they are more like moments to me.

I look at my small elephant that I have next to my phone and I see the art festival where I got it, the smell the kettle corn and the roasting turkey legs, I feel the sunshine on my face.  It is a thing, an object, but it is a physical representation of that day, of that place.

It's nice having those reminders, but at the same time the physical things can weigh you down in a way that memories can't. I don't want to collect more bibelots on my adventures this year, I want to collect moments that I won't soon forget.

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